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Jose's Christmas Recipe

Recipe of Wallonie
Between my works of painting, genealogical researches or doubtful jokes on Belgium Roots, I prepare and cook regularly my own bread. For the feasts of year end, mainly for Christmas, I make the "cougnous" or "cougnols". Walloon specialty manufactured for the opportunity. It is a sort of doll in bread with two heads. One at each end!

Here the necessary ingredients:
1/2 liter of milk
+ 1kg.
50 of yeast
4 eggs
175gr. butter
dry grapes or crystallized fruit
1 pinch of salt
4 soup spoon of impalpable soup
1 glass of brandy
Here is how I proceed:
In a great cup, I pour a good glassful of brandy. I there place, to will, dry grapes and fruit "confits". They are going to inflate and take the perfume of the alcohol.
In a great dish, I pour a half - liter of tempered milk in which I mix 50 gr. of baker's yeast.
I add four layed fresh whole eggs, a pinch of salt and 4 spoonfuls of impalpable sugar. I add there then approximately 1 kg. flour. I dive there hands to mix the totality in manner to obtain a dough a soft bit. Then, by small pieces I incorporate 175 gr. of salty farm butter and the dry grapes now well impregnated and scented by the alcohol.
I form then a beautiful sphere that I flour and that I leave to the hot, under cover of the "courants" of air, to lift to the double. Then, I rework the whole and form small spheres of 300 to 500 gr.
From each sphere of dough, I appropriate the quarter and I divide it news in two for heads. With a large sphere and two small, I make therefore dolls with two heads (one at each end!). I place them on a well buttered platinum and I pass over them a few egg beaten.
I install the whole in the oven warmed at approximately 220 degrees, for a thirty of minutes.

After, what a regal for all the family!

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