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Belgian Home Remedies

This is a collection of Belgian home remedies. If you can add more information or have a home rememdy that is not listed please let me know. Thanks!

The Red Thread
Told by John A Buytaert
Cloquet, MN

The only thing I know about the red thread is that it came to Superior from Belgium (Ghent probably) and apparently from a shrine there. A snippet of the thread is pinned to the underside of the nightshirt or whatever, close as possible to where there is a blood problem. My mother talked about a Rene Shears in our neighborhood who was bleeding to death after a tonsilectomy. The thread was pinned near his throat and the bleeding stopped. That's the only case I've heard of. It's a little thicker than sewing thread, but not much, and very bright blood red. My brother-in-law is having some blood problems now, and I just sent a snippet of the red thread to him. We'll see what happens there.

Belgian Recipes and Traditions